May You Live In Interesting Times

In the past two months, I've noticed two pop-culture IP's that seem to be sweeping through the lives of everyone I know. The first one I noticed this year, was Overwatch. In my opinion, I'd say it was made to be a marketable culture phenomenon.  Each character is filled with stereotypes of action heroes and constructed with such colorful costumes that you can't resist the comedy and enjoyment that comes with them. I even have a friend who is currently toiling endlessly to create a Mercy cosplay for an upcoming convention. With all the Overwatch art and creations flying around, I figured I would hop in the game. Zenyatta is one of my favorite character designs from the game, even though I rarely get to play as him. The idea of a enlightened monk AI system is fascinating to me, and is so full of potential for the story side of the game. So without further ado, here's the piece. Enjoy!

 -Stephen Willey