Safe and Aware - Motion Comic Assets for Penn State University

The Post production pieces will be added later, which contain the full speech bubbles. I’ve included a few random blurbs to show what’s going on so the image order makes some inkling of sense.

Your friends Becca and Sam try to convince you and your friend to come out to a party with you instead of working on your (much more important) college project.

After Becca and Sam attempt to convince you to come to a party with them, you agreed, and take a few shots.

Oh look, it’s the party. From this point in the motion comic, you can click on different areas of the party and the following images will pop up.


From this point, Becca notices a guy from class that she’s interested in and heads off to play flip-cup with him and some others. Sam goes off and does.. Sam things?

At this point it’s noted that Becca has had waaaay too much to drink, and the cute guy (basically Captain DoucheBag) is trying to get you to scram so he can be sleazy.

At this point, you text Sam to see where she’s at. It turns out she met some friends and they went across the street to grab some pizza. From here, you choose whether to have Sam help you escort Becca out cause she’s had a bit too much to drink, or you choose to let her stay cause you think she can handle things herself.

If you choose to take Becca home

If you choose to let Becca stay

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