Concept Art and Sketches

So when I was first sucked into the world of illustration and art, I really loved seeing the finished product; but even more than that, I was obsessed with seeing the process of how they did it. It was almost like magic, and I was enthralled with trying to find out how to do it myself. So whenever another artist would put up sketches or "in process" photo's, I'd stare at them for extended amounts of time to find out how they got from there to the end products. Now that I create illustrations as well, I figured I'd make a section of my own
"in process" pieces and give people the chance to see what it's like under the hood of a final shirt or print. Here's the halfway point of almost everything I've posted for sale in my store, as well as some sketches of stuff that has yet to see the light of day, or may never even make it there. Enjoy. 

-Stephen Willey