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The Archive is the home of Eyes On Fire and it's contributors, and contains vast illustrations and stories for you to indulge in. Below, you will find the gallery of latest work, and information pertaining to artists.

Please be respectful of the gallery, and be mindful not to damage, misuse, or otherwise harm any of the work; otherwise it may harm you. And please don't bother the spirits. I can make no promises as to where they may take you. 

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The Artist

I used to think that the most important thing in life was being able to draw more detail on a birds feather than the next person in line. That creating something beautiful was all about aesthetic and visuals. After 24 years on this earth, I've learned that it's not. It's about feeling, and mood, and story, and breaking the rules, but only doing it in a way that someone will take your hand and do it along with you. Everyone just wants to feel like they can belong somewhere. and the best way to make art is to take that in to account, and build something that's new and difficult, but welcoming. 

My name is Stephen Willey. I've been an artist for about 6 years now, and like almost all of us, I have no idea what I'm doing. I've done freelance, I've run a t-shirt brand, I've vended at craft shows and comic conventions, and I've even been a furniture maker. In almost every field I try out, I learn all the rules in a haphazard way and break them into a million pieces to try something new, which somehow tends to work. I'm not a wild success story, but I'm also not a failure. And every weird little venture I've delved into has given me something new to work with.

I'm currently a comic book writer, and self-published my first book Fathers & Gods in 2018, and am currently working on my art series Ouroboros and developing my first webcomic series How To Build A Songbird. You can find all of these in the Library section of The Archive, and I occasionally work on new print and pin releases as well. My current plans for the future are very open, but I want to continue creating comic books and do what I do now. Nothing makes me happier than continuing to make or learn whatever strange new topic has arisen in my brain, and any support or collaboration to help with that is always welcomed. 

Some quick random facts about me: I love spicy food. I own a Siberian Husky named Atlas. I listen to a total of 32 hours of podcasts and audiobooks a week. I spent too much time playing Pokemon as a kid. I make repetitive noises when I'm in deep thought. And my favorite thing to do in a new country or city is eat. 

Au revoir

-Stephen Willey

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